Instant Water Boiling Heating Test Kit

In order to get target temperature hot water, normally it's required to work with NTC sensors, water pump and electric control system.


However some customers just want to get boiling water, don't need lower temperature hot water, and want to cost lower.


Boiling Water Testing Kit is similar like a Mini Electric Boiling Water Dispenser Prototype. No need PCB Control System and supply boiling water only.


It is assembled by water boiling instant heating element(installed with a smart water tank on top side), no pressure water tank and pump.


Heater Element's inlet and boiling water outlet are separated inside the water tank, and height in same water level. Smart Tank's water inlet is connected with heater element bottom inlet by pipe.


It's similar like a connecting vessel, new water will flow into the heater element when boiling water out of it.


Boiling water is pushed out from outlet by vapor.


Pump supply water to the smart water tank, overflow port will return to no pressure water tank.

Instant Water Boiling Test Kit

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