The third gegeration thick film heating technology for instant electric water faucet

24 June.2019

thick film heater

Stainless steel thick-film heating tube is composed of food-grade stainless steel substrate, internal insulating dielectric layer, resistance heating layer and external insulating dielectric layer. It has the advantages of small size, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, water and electricity separation, safety and durability. Combining with the temperature control technology of the whole machine and the design of spiral heating water channel, advanced control and feedback control are combined to adjust the mixing ratio in advance. Adjust the water flow to change the temperature of hot water, and realize the function of adjusting the temperature of hot water in seconds. Real isolation of water and electricity in the water channel and circuit areas of the faucet, together with measures such as secondary grounding protection, anti-splashing and over-temperature protection is a real 360 degree security protection. 


thick film heating technology

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