Which company in China produces stainless steel thick film with good quality on a large scale?

21 January.2019

Which company in China produces stainless steel thick film with good quality on a large scale? There are many manufacturers producing stainless steel thick-film heaters and heating tubes, but Xinxiang Jieda Precision Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of stainless steel thick-film heating tubes to achieve industrial production. As a domestic professional manufacturer of stainless steel thick-film heating tubes, Jieda has a complete thick-film manufacturing production line: independent screen design and preparation center, automatic cleaning equipment, 10000 grade purification workshop. At present, the aperture distribution of the tube is from 18-63mm, the length is 110-260mm, and the maximum single power is 6KW. The size and power of the standby standard is relatively complete. Special power, voltage and requirement can be designed and customized. At present, the monthly production capacity is 600,000. And Jieda thick film products are well protected from raw materials storage to finished products shipment.


Thick film heater



Material should be moistureproof and waterproof. One-off gloves must be worn during the process of picking up and transportation to prevent sweat (salt, grease) from contaminating the substrate. Pure water (deionized water) must be used for cleaning. Chloride ions in tap water can cause corrosion. All substrates must be degreased, polished, cleaned and dried before they can be put into printing.

Dust proof and slurry contamination should be avoided during printing. Reworked pipes are not allowed to be contaminated by slurry and must be cleaned (pay attention to the inner wall can not be contaminated), otherwise the base material will lose luster and affect the appearance (organic solvents will make the base material red). In addition, silver paste marking is not allowed on the substrate.

The finished products are also not allowed to be touched by bare hands. Sweat will cause matte substrate, corrosion for a long time, and no contact is allowed on the inner wall. You must wear disposable gloves, not white cloth gloves.


In short, from raw materials to finished products, bare hands are not allowed throughout the process! 

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