Thick film heating tube for water faucet

19 January.2019

Water faucet is more and more high-tech. Not only instant electric hot water faucet brings great convenience to people, but also a lot of problems. The quality of instant electric hot water faucet mainly depends on the material of heating body. Jieda Andetong stainless steel thick film heating pipe is a new type of instant heating technology which is popular in Europe and the United States. It uses screen printing technology. After seven times of high temperature sintering of insulation resistance, it is perfectly attached to the outer wall of stainless steel pipe and has a long service life. There are two main types of thick-film heaters, stainless steel thick-film heating plate and stainless steel thick-film heating pipe.



Jieda thick film heater heating elements from inside to outside are mainly composed of stainless steel tube substrate, internal insulating dielectric layer, resistance heating layer and external insulating dielectric layer. Water flows through the stainless steel tube. The thickness of internal insulating dielectric layer is about 100 microns. Because the heat conduction distance from resistance heating layer to stainless steel substrate is short, the water flows through the stainless steel tube. The thermal resistance is very small and the thermal response speed is fast. Among them, the advantages of application are thick film heating tube, barrel-like structure, natural waterway, 360 degree overall channel heating, the overall heating is more uniform, will not cause a large number of bubbles on the surface of the heater and reduce heating efficiency. Because the heat can be transmitted in time, the surface temperature of the whole heating tube is not high enough to cause an open flame. Good safety and long service life.


Thick film heater


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