Composition of heating element 
JIEDA thick film heating body consists of stainless steel thick-film heating pipe, outer protective shell, water inlet and outlet joints, anti-dry thermostat, power cord, etc. It can be fixed on sides, with 9.5mm diameter connecting orifice. 

Thick film heater
The advantages of our thick film heating tube 
Stainless steel thick-film heating tubes of ANDETONG® series manufactured by company JIEDA are tubular structures, that allows rapid water flow and instant heat carrying. Under the same conditions,  ANDETONG® series has many application advantages, such as large heating area, high heat conduction efficiency (≥98%), rapid thermal response (≥80 ℃~150℃/S), long working life (≥10000 hours) etc..
Thick film heater
The special advantages of JD24 AC220V(1365W+685W)
1)It can realize three different power, such as 685w,1365w, 2050w on one heating tube, which means you can connect the suitable power with your requirement.
2)Power can be selected to provide a high-quality solution for achieving low-temperature effluent, and it can make sure the stability of water outflow with different temperature. 
3)We use wire socket to connect wires, which is different with old method welding, and it can make the connecter more stable and safety. 
4)JD24 AC220V/(1365W+685W) thick film heating element is an intelligent temperature control thick film heating body, which can work with the PCB circuit control system, so that the pre-set temperature and hot water quantity can be decided.
Thick film heater
Major Application of thick film heater 
At present, thick film heating tube(heating body) of GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series has been successfully applied to fluid heating field, such as: instant hot water dispenser, quick hot water boiler, hot water purifiers, pipeline machine, electric heat faucet, kitchen under sink water heater, sous vide,  milk machine, coffee machine, industrial equipment and so on.
Product use precautions:
1, The product temperature rising rate is greater than 80 ℃~150/S, so, please ensure that the tube is filled with water before use.
2, The pipe must be installed vertically when heating liquid, the direction of liquid flow is from the bottom up. To avoid local dry burning, please add water at first, and then connect to power.
3, Based on different powers, the user should ensure the minimum flow, while ensuring smooth water access to the pipe, so as to avoid vaporization and dry burning.
4, Pay attention to the surface heat dissipation; and due to a big power density, please also pay attention to the rate of heat exchange.
Thick film heater


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