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instant hot water dispenser
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Heating solutions for the wate purifier

1.Product advantages

1) Thehot water temperature is stable and the temperature control is accurate;

2) Multiple protections against dry burning, no explosion film risk, reduce after-sales service;

3) Effectively reduce the odor of water channel;

4) Component integration, small space requirement, easy installation;

5) Low noise, meet the market demand.

2.Product introduction

1)Temperature setting: 45 °C ~ 100 °C, every 5°C is a level;

2)Water setting: 150ml, 500ml, continuous water;

3)  Water output: 420ml / min ,100°C;

4)Water inlet temperature: 5 °C ~ 38 °C;

5) Water intake mode : internal pump pumping (need to configure the water tank).

3.Product application

3S reaches 100°C, small size, little heat loss almost zero, and it is not easy to scale.


Intergrate Heating Kit form:


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