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Heating solutions for garment steamer

1.Product advantages:

1) Small size, thin and light, match the consumption habits;

2) The preheating time is short, the steam quantity is high, excellent customer experience;

3) integrated brazing, well sealing;

4) Energy saving and efficient, meet the market demand.

2. Product introduction

1) Power: 1500 W (+ 5%, -10%);

2) Steam quantity: 33 g / min;

3) Steam temperature: 120 ° C;

4) Steam extraction time: 3 ~ 8s;

5) water quality requirement: pure water (such as tap water, need to descaling regularly).

3. Product application

3 ~ 8s generate steam, well sealing, high thermal efficiency, high temperature sterilization, energy saving and environmental protection.


Introduction of the Product


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