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Advantages of thick film heating tubes
Time:2023-06-29 16:13:32    Click:1136

There are three main categories of heating elements currently on the market:

1.Quartz heating tube: has the characteristics of low price but fragile , no pressure , low power density , large volume ,The production process is simple and the power is easily attenuated.

2.Cast aluminum heater: large and heavy, tt is easy to generate thermal inertia , slow thermal response ,Low thermal efficiency , and easy to scale , but it is resistant to dry burning and pressure , and has various .

3.Stainless steel thick film heating element high power density , small size , durable pressure resistance , no power attenuation , fast thermal response , not easy to scale, and heat conversion The rate exceeds 98 % .

Jieda production of stainless steel thick film heating element adopts screen printing technology , and the insulation resistance is perfectly attached to the outer wall of the stainless steel tube after seven times of high-temperature sintering . Power on about three seconds can be hot water, the outlet temperature can reach 98-99 degrees , Standing specifications are 2200W , 3000W , 4000W , 5000W , etc.

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