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Dishwasher heater
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  At present, a variety of small dishwashers have been listed, and are gradually entering ordinary families. The cleaning and efficiency of the sink dishwasher are particularly prominent. In the heating field, the traditional electric heating wire is eliminated and thick film heating technology is adopted instead. Thick film heating plate or tubular thick film heater is installed at the bottom of the sink of the dishwasher. In this way, it not only saves the installation space of dishwasher, but also facilitates the assembly of other components. In addition, it is more convenient to clean the heating components in the use process, which brings users a better use experience.

  Generally, the water temperature of household dishwashers is about 50 ~70 ~C, and the specifications can be determined according to the size of the family population. If there are about 3-5 families, the dishwasher with 700W-900W specifications can meet the daily use. The dishwasher uses advanced technology and mature thick film heating technology to make heating and constant temperature faster and more convenient.

  Traditional dishwashers can only meet a single dishwasher requirement. The sink dishwasher can not only wash, dry and sterilize dishes, but also remove the residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables. It has more functions. The sink dishwasher is entering millions of households, with several advantages in the field of cleaning unique. The advantages of sink dishwasher are compact size, no need to occupy too much kitchen space, easy installation; full-featured, not only dishwasher, but also sink, can also be used as fruit and vegetable purifier, a multi-purpose machine.

  The dishwasher uses high temperature and high pressure water flow to wash the surface of tableware 360 degrees mechanically, and the detergent to decompose the grease and residue on the surface of tableware, coupled with the soaking and surging of food residue by hot water, which makes the oil and residue decompose and fall off quickly, and achieves the dual effects of cleaning and bacteria removal. The working method of dishwasher is based on the combination of mechanical action and chemical action. The washing mechanism is as follows: mechanical action, the indirect scour of the washing liquid on the surface of tableware in the spraying state. After spraying the detergent to the tableware and the inner gallbladder, it rebounds, and after spraying, the reflux detergent scours the surface of the tableware; chemical action, the detergent added in the washing process has a good alkaline saponification reaction with the grease in the tableware.


  This kind of sink dishwasher with thick film heating technology has a high thermal efficiency of 98%. On the one hand, it can reduce heating time and energy consumption; on the other hand, it can heat water circulation through water pump in the process of using, water temperature is more stable, high temperature and high pressure jet is used, decontamination is sufficient, disinfection is thorough, and water resource utilization is high. Experiments show that dishwashers use 20% less water than hand washers.

  The dishwasher uses stainless steel thick-film heating tube, whose power density of thick-film heating element can reach 60-200W/CM_, which can improve heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption. At the same time, the thick-film heating element uses food-grade stainless steel, which is safe and reliable in health. The thick-film heating element uses SUS444 stainless steel base pipe, which has high corrosion resistance and long service life.

  When engineers design electronic control, they install high-precision temperature sensor at the outlet and combine with advanced electronic control program to achieve the effect of accurate temperature control. They can adjust the amount of water supply and realize different temperatures accordingly, achieve stable outlet temperature in function, and reduce the cleaning time of tableware.

  Advanced technology makes our life more beautiful and happy. Xinxiang Jieda Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. takes stainless steel thick film heating technology as its core technology, breaks through itself, opens up new application fields, and makes electric heating simpler. Our corporate values are focused, innovative and altruistic. We are committed to leading the new direction of electric heating, making the application of thick film electric heating simple. By providing customers with high-quality products and services, we will gradually grow into a benchmark enterprise in the global thick film electric heating industry.

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