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Application of Stainless Steel Thick Film Heating tube for Intelligent Tea-making Machine
Time:2022-01-09 19:20:05    Click:896

  Tea ceremony is extensive and profound, and it is an indispensable part of Chinese culture. Almost all diseases in human body are produced in acidic constitution, while almost all viruses can not survive in weak alkaline constitution. Tea, grapes, kelp is alkaline food. Drinking tea can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases.

  Besides the choice of tea, it is important to have an intelligent tea maker. Teamosa tea Machine which is developed by Taiwan Team, it can easily enjoy hand-brewing tea by simple operation. It does not need to learn tedious tea ceremony, so that each tea lover can quickly brew his favorite tea. It also can adjust water temperature and pressure according to different tea, so that each tea can perfectly display its own characteristics.

  Drinking tea makes people inexplicably happy. The pleasure of drinking tea is involuntary and uncontrollable. Tea has been an indispensable part of people's daily life. Technolog of innovation of Teamosa tea machine, thick film heating technology and thick film heating tube applied to intelligent tea machine, whick has proved that it can truly create a new world for traditional industries.

  Compared with other tea machines on the market, Teamosa is smaller size and more functional. The biggest feature of Teamosa is that it can be remotely controlled by App. Teamosa strives to make machine-brewed tea as well as ready-brewed tea, focusing on water temperature and pressure control. App can also set suitable water temperature, pressure, temperature and soaking time for different tea, so that each tea can play its own characteristics perfectly. App sets the itinerary so that tea tasters can enjoy the good tea just out of the oven at the right time.


  These excellent features mainly depend on the excellent performance of stainless steel thick film heating element and excellent design of electronic control.

  Firstly, the thick film heater is made of SUS444 stainless steel tube, which has high corrosion resistance and meets the requirement of drinking water hygiene and safety. The heating tube of the machine is equipped with a variety of circuit protection measures, which can ensure that the personal safety of consumers will not be threatened under extreme conditions.

  The power density of the stainless steel thick film heating module is 5 to 10 times higher than that of the conventional heater. The power density is as high as 60-200W/cm2and the heating efficiency can reach more than 98%.

  The barrel structure of tubular thick-film heating element is a natural fluid heating vessel. Its volume is smaller than other electric heaters, which greatly improves the space utilization ratio and facilitates the structural engineering design and mass assembly of hydroelectric appliances.

  Secondly, high-precision temperature sensors are installed at the outlet and advanced electronic control procedures are combined to achieve the effect of precise temperature control; Water supply can be adjusted, different temperature and flow rate can be achieved , which meets the requirements of brewing various kinds of tea.

  Finally, the heating efficiency is high and the temperature rising speed is fast, which can shorten the waiting time of Tea Lovers' brewing; The power density is high, and the size is smaller than quartz tube, electric heating wire and other types of traditional heating elements under the same power.

  Science and technology change our lives and make our life more convenience. Teamosa tea-making machine provides instant hot water, multi-temperature control, compact size, which meets the requirement of home and workplace. As the heating core technology of this machine, the stainless steel thick-film tube of Xinxiang Jieda has been successfully applied in many fields, such as drinking water machine, desktop drinking machine, pipeline machine, instant hot water tap, etc., and has won the trust and promotion of the main brands of domestic and international famous brand.

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