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The Core Secret of Instant Electric Hot Water Faucet-Stainless Steel Thick Film Heating Technology
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  The hot water electric water faucet is known as the fast hot water electric water faucet, in the current industry are basically referred to as the electric hot water faucet. It brings great convenience to our lives. Famous brands of instant electric hot water in China include Feiyu, Autran and so on so forth, and Feiyu is the brand of Ningbo Sotton Feiyu Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. This company is one of the members of drafting and formulating two national standards of instant hot water heater and the special requirements of instant hot water heater. The ability of R&D and mechanical layout is very strong.


  Feiyu launched the third generation thick film heating technology in 2018. This product has many advantages, such as fast heating, adjustable water temperature at 30-60 C, stable water temperature, continuous hot water, saving water and electricity, compact size and convenient installation, and is widely loved by Chinese consumers.

  From the schematic diagram of the internal structure of the electric hot water faucet, it can be seen that the instant electric hot water faucet of Feiyu has many core technologies, such as stainless steel thick film heating technology, intelligent constant temperature control technology, intelligent safety control, etc. The most critical one is the adoption of stainless steel thick film heater and intelligent constant temperature control technology.

  Stainless steel thick-film heating tube is composed of food-grade stainless steel substrate, internal insulating dielectric layer, resistance heating layer and external insulating dielectric layer. It has the advantages of small size, high heating efficiency, fast heating speed, water and electricity separation, safety and durability. Combining with the temperature control technology of the whole machine and the design of spiral heating water channel, advanced control and feedback control are combined to adjust the mixing ratio in advance. Adjust the water flow to change the temperature of hot water, and realize the function of adjusting the temperature of hot water in seconds. Real isolation of water and electricity in the water channel and circuit areas of the faucet, together with measures such as secondary grounding protection, anti-splashing and over-temperature protection is a real 360 degree security protection.



  Xinxiang Gida Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in No.1789 Torch Park, South Xinfei Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. Our company is a high-tech enterprise with stainless steel thick film heating technology as the leading factor, integrating product development, manufacturing and sales services. It is the first to produce stainless steel thick film heating tubes in China market.

  As a China professional manufacturer of stainless steel thick film heating tubes, Gida has a complete thick film manufacturing production line, independent screen design and preparation center, automatic cleaning equipment,10,000-grade purification workshop, customized dedicated sintering furnace, thick film heating tube life dry burning detection equipment, etc., with a monthly production capacity of 600,000. Based on the precise control of thick film production process, Gida stainless steel thick film heating tube (element) series has not only obtained authoritative certification of CQC, water-related sanitation approval, high-tech enterprises since its launch, but also received attention and recognition from well-known customers at home and abroad, including Feiyu, Midea, Yunmi, Haier, kingclean, Jianlin, Foxconn, Kohler and so on.

  Xinxiang Gida Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. upholds the business philosophy of "developing enterprises by science and technology”, winning the world by quality, seeking development by reputation", and is willing to cooperate with friends at home and abroad to create brilliance.

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