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Considering Both Performance and Cost Application of Dual Power Thick Film Heater in Intelligent Water Purifier
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  It is reported that the next 10 years will be the golden decade of world wide consumption upgrading. The rapidly rising of middle bourgeoisie will provide a demographic dividend for the high-end water purifier market. At the same time, it will be a decade when enterprises compete with each other in the field of product segmentation. The middle bourgeoisie has higher requirements for the design, function and performance of water purifier. In this context, many enterprises are competing to introduce intelligent, multi-functional, instant heat type intelligent water purifier. The author introduces the application of dual-power thick-film heater application in the field of high-end intelligent water purifier.

  In the field of water purification, King-clean is the inventor of desktop RO intelligent water purifier, and Biyunquan is a sub-brand of King-clean which focus on high-end water purifier design and production. In 2016, it was rated as a model brand and an innovative leading brand in China's water purification industry. In 2017, its products won the highest honor in the household appliances industry - Eplan Award. In recent years, Biyunquan desktop hot drinking water purifier has many amazing functions beyond the expectation of middle-class consumers, such as installation-free, APP control, instant hot water outlet, multi-temperature regulation, TDS detection, reminder for changing of filter element and so on. It has won the favor of the market.

  Intelligent water purifier adopts a new generation of stainless steel rare earth thick film heating technology, with heating efficiency up to 98%, thermal response speed up to 80 C/S, no power attenuation, and life up to 10,000 hours. It adopts hydropower separation structure, which is safe and durable.

  Because of the dual-power thick film heating element and flow control, seven grades of variable temperature can be achieved while ensuring instant heating. It can be used to brew milk powder at 45℃, honey water at 55 ℃, making coffee at 65℃, making flower tea at 75℃, green tea at 85 ℃ and black tea at 95 ℃. It can meet the different uses of mother, fashionable fashion group and middle-aged and elderly people.

  So what kind of rare species is the dual power thick film heater and what advantages does it have? Don't worry, I will come to you one by one.

  Above is a conventional single-power stainless steel rare earth thick film heating tube. The whole heating tube is designed with only one rated power. Taking 220V/2200W product as an example, when single-power heating tube is used in water dispenser, the output power can only be constant 2200W without the interference of PWM power regulating module or voltage regulating silicon element, which can meet the requirement of water temperature from 65 to 100 C. However, according to the law of conservation of energy, 2200W power can not meet the needs of low-temperature hot water supply under the condition of small discharge water, such as hot water supply at 45℃ and 55℃. The function of such water dispenser is not perfect.

  As a professional water dispenser engineer, you will say, so easy, I can solve it with SCR! Yes, the proposal of using SCR is correct, but it will increase the cost by adding a SCR voltage regulating module to the whole machine. SCR also has a high heat output and cooling facilities such as fans is needed. The structure of the whole machine will be more complex. Will your product manager agree with that? Is the company's marketing department acceptable? Will you consumers satisfy and pay?

  In order to help water purifier manufacturers make balance between the performance and cost of the whole machine, a dynamic and highly experienced R&D team of Xinxiang Jieeda Precision Electronic Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a dual-power thick-film heating tube, and on this basis, it has introduced the industry-leading dual-power thick-film heater. Taking the dual-power heater with rated power of 220V/2050W as an example, the power is divided into 685W, 1365W and 2050W. The drinking water dispenser and purifier can use 685W heating power alone, 1365W heating power alone and 2050W total power. The whole water purifier does not need to be equipped with power regulation module. It only needs to write a reasonable electronic control program and add two relays to realize the effluent temperature of 45 ~100℃. The dual power heater  takes cost and performance into account, and the stability of the whole machine is also guaranteed at the same time.

  Xinxiang Jieda Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (GIDA®) is a high-tech enterprise with stainless steel thick-film heating technology as its core technology, which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is the leading enterprise of stainless steel thick-film heating tubes and thick-film heaters. It has established long-term partnership with the leading brands in water purification fields such as Midea, Lexy, Runner and Kholer.

  Our values are focus, innovation and altruism. We are committed to leading the new direction of electric heating, making the application of thick film electric heating simple. By providing customers with high-quality products and services, we will gradually grow into a benchmark enterprise in the global thick film electric heating industry.

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