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Perfect combination of stainless steel thick film heating tube and hot water dispenser
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  With the development of science and technology and the improvement of life quality, the Chinese people are pursuing more and more healthy drinking water, and the way of drinking water is becoming more and more diversified. As a leading enterprise in household appliances industry, in 2018, Midea released the Mini-Drink--YR1710T with stainless steel thick-film heating tube , which combines several advantages, such as instant heating within 3 seconds, eight outlet water temperatures optional and compact size. It meets the needs of terminal consumers for different water temperatures---ambient temperature, 40 degrees Celsius (for milk powder), 50 degrees Celsius (for honey water), 60 degrees Celsius (for lemonade), 70 degrees Celsius (for wolfberry), 80 degrees Celsius (for coffee),  90 degrees Celsius (for tea) and 92 degrees Celsius. This Mini water dispenser takes up little space and has a higher face value.

  Why is Mini-drink so popular?

  The reason lies in that it mainly solves the following pain points of other conventional water dispensers:

  Firstly, water temperature control is not good. Most water dispensers only have two states of water: normal temperature water and the so-called boiling water. They lack the various temperatures and can not meet the requirements of different drinks, such as brewing coffee, green tea and scented tea .

  Mini-drink's 8-stage intelligent temperature control can be used to brew lemon, medlar, green tea, coffee and other drinks. In hot summer, a cup of lemonade can bring you refreshment, while a cup of green tea, the leaves in water, the water in cup, the cup in hand, will make your lips feel the sweetness of green tea, soul feel the tranquility brought by green tea.


  Secondly, it takes a long time to boil water. Conventional water dispensers or kettles need 1 to 3mins to boil the water at room temperature, which is extremely inconvenient. Mini-drink has the function of instant heating within 3 seconds. It doesn’t need to spend too much time waiting for hot water. With 8 sections of intelligent temperature control, different water temperature can be selected according to your requirement. No need to wait for water to cool down , or to add hot water to get it warm. The desired temperature can be obtained by just pressing the key.

  Thirdly, water is not healthy enough. Water in conventional dispensers need to be boiled repeatedly in the process of heat preservation, which is easy to form the so-called "thousand boiled water". Over a long period of time, there will be some impurities and bacteria, which is not conducive to health.

  Minidrink has a power of 2000 W and a heating capacity of 1.8 L/H. The core heating element uses stainless steel thick-film heating tubewhich has high power density and high heating speed. It can boil water in a few seconds without repeatedly boiling and heat preservation. It can reduce the production of nitrite. At the same time, it has built-in activated carbon rod filter core to further clean water, improved the taste of water and thus made drinking water healthier.


  Fourthly, poor appearance and volume. Traditional household water dispensers are huge and not beautiful enough. They are placed in the living room or office but occupy much space and seems rustic.

  Minidrink is 131 * 336 * 252 mm in size. It occupies very small space and can be placed in the house as your wishl. There are three optional colors----Mediterranean blue, Melbourne red and Canberra, which is beautiful, textural and suitable for families with different decoration styles.

  So many advantages are the result of the industry's leading stainless steel thick film heating tube and excellent design of electronic control:

  First of all, for such a compact machine, it requires small size, high energy efficiency and high power density heating element to achieve three-second instant heating.

  The power density of the stainless steel thick film heating element is 5 to 10 times higher than the conventional heater. The power density is up to 60W/cm2and the heating efficiency can reach more than 95%.

  The heating element is in tubular structure, and it is a natural water channel. It does not need to be equipped with other channels. Its volume is smaller than other heaters, which greatly improves the space utilization rate and is convenient for the design and mass assembly of water dispensers.


  Secondly, high-precision temperature sensors are installed at the outlet and advanced electronic control procedures are combined to achieve precise temperature control for design; With power supply control electronics, the power of thick-film stainless steel heater is used segmental to achieve different temperatures and different flow rates of water.

  Finally, the thick film heating element is made of SUS444 stainless steel tube, which has high corrosion resistance and meets the requirement of drinking water hygiene and safety. The heating tube is equipped with a variety of circuit protection measures, which can ensure that the personal safety of consumers will not be threatened under extreme conditions.

  2000 W is the gold power of instant heating water dispenser. This power not only guarantees the ideal flow speed, but also has no special requirements for sockets and lines (most of the household sockets are designed according to the current of about 10A, converted to power of about 2200 W), that is why the thick film heating tubes of 2000 W and 2200 W are the mainstream products in the market.


  Science and technology change our lives and provide us with convenience. The Mini-drink water dispenser meets the needs of home and workplace with instant hot water, multi-temperature control and compact size. The core technology of this machine is thick-film heating technology, especially stainless steel thick-film heating technology.

  Xinxiang Jieda Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. (GIDA®) is a high-tech enterprise with stainless steel thick-film heating technology as its core technology, which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales. It is the leading enterprise of stainless steel thick-film heating tubes and thick-film heaters. It has established long-term partnership with the leading brands in water purification fields such as Midea, Lexy, Runner and Kholer.

  Our values are focus, innovation and altruism. We are committed to leading the new direction of electric heating, making the application of thick film electric heating simple. By providing customers with high-quality products and services, we will gradually grow into a benchmark enterprise in the global thick film electric heating industry.

  Travel notes of 28th Apr.

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