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Solution of intelligent electric heating faucet for drinking water of Gida company
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Solution of intelligent electric heating faucet for drinking water of Gida company

At present, the water purifiers with the function of making hot water are mainly divided into two categories. One is the water purifier with instant heating faucet, and the other is the water purifier with boiler. Although the functions of the two are similar, in contrast, the heat storage water purifier still has some disadvantages.


(1) The water in the hot tank should be kept warm. It will be heated again after it is lower than the preset temperature, which consumes more energy and is relatively unhealthy.

(2) The preparation of warm water requires the mixing of cold and hot water, and the outlet water temperature gear is few, which can not realize the accurate control of water temperature.

(3) If hot water is not used for a long time, the water in the hot tank may be subject to secondary pollution.

(4) If the hot water in the hot tank is used up, it needs to wait for the two processes of water preparation and heating before it can continue to be used.


Based on the above reasons, Gida company has developed an intelligent instant heating scheme applied to the drinking machine faucet project. The main advantage of this scheme is to make full use of the advantages of thick film heater, such as fast heating speed, accurate temperature control and high thermal efficiency. There is no water storage and no need for thermal insulation. It is not only more energy-saving and healthier, but also can achieve more accurate temperature control, wider range and finer temperature regulation and water temperature control, so as to make the comprehensive use experience of customers better.


The specific advantages of the package are as follows:

1)Fast heating: thick film instantaneous heating (2100W / 220V thick film heating tube), 1s instant heating. The assembly current of the whole machine is less than 10mA, which is suitable for household use.

2)Small volume: the diameter of the heating pipe is 15mm, and the outer diameter of the assembled integral faucet is 47mm. The whole machine body is smaller and beautifies the appearance.

3)Accurate temperature control: the inlet and outlet water temperature sensor is combined with high-precision flowmeter and water pump to make the outlet water temperature more accurate, and the outlet water deviation is ± 1 ℃.

4)Safer: the NTC of the heating tube wall is matched with the temperature fuse. The NTC of the tube wall is sensitive and fast. The temperature fuse is used as the final prevention and control, and the electronic and mechanical double insurance design is safer.

5)Dual waterways: independent dual waterways for cold and hot water, no mixing, large flow of cold water, fast water outlet speed and accurate temperature control of hot water.

6)Excellent structure: the faucet position is heated, and the heat loss from heating to water outlet is small. The water purification body does not produce hot water, and the hot water pipe always maintains normal temperature, so the hot water pipe does not have the problem of accelerated aging due to heating, so it is safer to use. Kitchen spare parts can be integrated into the water purifier or made as a separate heating module, which can quickly realize the supporting heating function of the water purifier without major changes.

Based on the above advantages, Jeddah company believes that this intelligent drinking tap scheme will be able to realize rapid application in the market and meet the needs of end market customers for convenient, fast, safe and healthy drinking water.

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