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40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element

40BJ thick film heating element
Simple structure - small size with large power Fluid heating - tubular structure, fluid heating. Response speed ---power density 60W / c㎡,temperature rise speed ≥ 80 ℃ / s.
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  The main advantages are high heating efficiency,

  Fast thermal response,

  No thermal inertia

  Small volume

  Long service life.

  Thick film heater JD40 (220V/6000W)is mainly used for fast heating,and this type heater can withstand 0.8MPa pressure; if you need other power and voltage heater, Jieda can customize according to your requirements;

6000w heating element

  The Main Parts Specification as below:



Specification and model


40Thick Film Heating Tube



Diversion Column

 Food Grade PC/Clear/φ38×155.8


NTC sensor

R25°C=100KΩ±1%,B25/50°C =3950K±1%/XH-2Y/red/UL4413/26AWG/black cross-linking wire/L=300/threaded joint  M8*1.25


Snap Disc Thermostat


T1/33-185°C ±5°C /125°C ±15°C /two straight feet /16A/4.8×0.8



PA66+GF30%  56×56×170



PA66+GF30%/Black/Frame retardant V0/56×56


Protective Shield

PA66+30%GF 56×56×170

instant heating element

  Product use precautions

  1 It is forbidden to disassemble or replace parts without authorization, otherwise it will cause functional failure.

  2 Heating instant, please be sure to supply water before power on to avoid dry heating.

  3 Placed vertically and the direction of water flow should be from bottom to top.

  4 The product must be reliably grounded.

  5 The supplied water shall be purified, shall not use the municipal water directly to avoid scale.

  Product application

  6000w thick film heater is mainly used for fast heating. It is applied to the products of instant water heater, commercial and industrial instant heating equipment, water heater for shower  and indoor heating system.

Customer application

application area

  • Household Appliances
  • Industrial fluid heating
  • Fluid pipe insulation
  • HVAC engineering
  • Medical care
  • National defense industry
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