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Water heater

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Winding wire heater

Winding wire heater

Winding wire heater
Application:Desktop water dispenser, desktop clean drink machine, pipeline machine so on
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Performance Parameters

Product nameWinding wire heater
Rated Voltage220V
Rated Power 2200W(-10%,+5%)
Electric StrengthAC1500V/5mA/3s
Protective ShieldIron galvanized (galvanized sheet) /0.5mm wall thickness
Top/Bottom CapPP+30%GF  Φ7.3
Bearing property≤0.1MPa
Service LifeTemperature of the tube surface<300℃,≥6000h
Working environment-25℃~50℃
ApplicationDesktop water dispenser, desktop clean drink machine, pipeline machine


1.This product heats up quickly, and the surface temperature is high, please be sure to pass water before electricity, to prevent dry burning;

2.Vertical installation, water flow direction is from bottom to top, ensure that water contact with the inner wall of all areas, the heat away, avoid local dry burning without water;

3.Ensure the minimum water intake to avoid boiling and vaporization due to low water level in the heating pipe, resulting in local dry burning;

4.During the installation of the heating body, silicone oil and other organic lubricants should be avoided. Organic matter such as silicone oil should be contaminated with the inner wall of the heating tube, which will cause the inner wall to be non-hydrophilic, resulting in the continuous rise of the surface temperature of the heating tube here and finally the bursting of film;

5.This product must be grounded reliably;

6.Single operation is required when retrieving and placing products. Stacking is not allowed.

Heating principle:
Joule's law Q=I²Rt, electricity generates heat, water passes, heat passes to water, water absorbs heat then its temperature rises,
P*T* thermal efficiency =C*M*ΔT
P heater power
T heating time
C Specific heat capacity of heating liquid
M the quality of the liquid heated up, for example water, then it is liter
ΔT temperature rise of heated liquid, = outlet temperature - inlet temperature

Customer application

application area

  • Household Appliances
  • Industrial fluid heating
  • Fluid pipe insulation
  • HVAC engineering
  • Medical care
  • National defense industry
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