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Automobile heater

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Flat electric heater for vehicle

Flat electric heater for vehicle

Flat electric heater for vehicle

Flat electric heater for vehicle

Flat electric heater for vehicle

Flat electric heater for vehicle
The thick film heating element has the characteristics of fast heating speed, uniform temperature in the heating area, low thermal quality, high efficiency, and small volume. It is especially suitable for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles as high
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  Stainless steel thick film heating technology originated from Europe and the United States, it uses screen printing technology to print layers on base material, these layers are insulation medium, resistance, conductor, protective glaze etc., high temperature sintering is employed to form a dense layer of microcrystalline glass film, not easy to fall off, not easily scratched.


  Product features  

  GIDAPE® stainless steel thick film heating element has the following characteristics:

  1, Safe and durable high strength: stainless steel substrate, multi-layer microcrystalline vitreous insulation.

  2, Fast heating: heating circuit has temperature rise over 80~150 degrees per second.

  3, High utilization rate of heat: directly rapid-heat stainless steel with big heat exchange area, efficiency up to above 98%.

  4, Green and environmental protection: pure resistive load, no electromagnetic radiation, good for human body and mind.


  Product parameters

  According to the special application for vehicle, we can customize the heater as your requirement, voltage from DC250V to DC800V, the Maximum length and width is 300mm*300mm.

  Product use precautions

  1, The product temperature rising rate is greater than 80 ℃~150℃/S, so, please ensure that the heater is filled with fluid before use.

  2, Based on different powers, the user should ensure the minimum flow, while ensuring smooth water access to the pipe, to avoid vaporization and dry burning.

  3, Pay attention to the surface heat dissipation; and due to a big power density, please also pay attention to the rate of heat exchange.

Customer application

application area

  • Household Appliances
  • Industrial fluid heating
  • Fluid pipe insulation
  • HVAC engineering
  • Medical care
  • National defense industry
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