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20 Heating Module

20 Heating Module

20 Heating Module
Product application: namely hot water dispenser, desktop clean drinking machine, pipeline machine, stage temperature control, one key water.
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Performance Parameters

Fundamental characteristicsRated VoltageAC220VRated Frequency50Hz
Rated Power2100WPower Range-10%,+5%
Main functionOutlet temperature and flow testOutlet temperatureOutlet water flow per cupRated outlet temperature rangeRated water flow range
Time of first hot water discharge3-6sTime of refill cup hot water1s
Water level detection, inlet water temperature detection, outlet water temperature detection, outlet water quantity detection, flow meter, TDS detection, inlet solenoid valve, UV sterilization, etc.
Safety protection function: water shortage protection, icing protection, overtemperature protection, dry burning protection.
Note: When the temperature is set to 100℃, the actual outlet water temperature is 97℃. (Actual outlet temperature is adjustable)
Error CodeNo.Error codeError displayError Removal
1E1Heater over temperatureAfter the temperature of the water outlet sensor drops to 103°C, press On-off Key
2E2Insufficient water supplyRepaired
3E4Inlet water temperature sensor errorRepaired
4E5Outlet water temperature sensor errorRepaired
5E7Dry heating with insufficient waterRepaired
6E8Dry heating without waterRepaired
service lifeWhen the water pressure is 0 Bar, the service life is ≥500H;
Water RequirementsTDS<60ppm, water hardness<4
Inlet Water Temperature5℃~38℃


1.This product is an intelligent control module. It is forbidden to disassemble or replace parts without authorization, otherwise it will cause function failure;

2.This product should be placed vertically, the direction of water flow is from bottom to top, otherwise there will be local dry burning without water;

3.This product must be grounded reliably;

4.A single machine is used for retrieving and placing products.                          

Control board Description


Operating instruction

Key-lock1.Digital display ("---"), other keys are invalid, press again, other keys restore function;
2.Press again to restore other control keys (corresponding indicator lights up);
3.It will enter key lock interface automatically after 10 seconds when the get the preset water flow or no operation state;
4.Standby: In the key lock interface, it will enter the standby interface after 60 seconds when no operation. (The key lock button flashing breath, touch the key lock button then enter the work state )。
Water flowPress one time to shift gear, set the gear cycle (low: 150mL; In: 500 ml; High: continuous water)
Blowing water1. Tap to switch the outlet water at 100℃ (shortcut key for boiling water) or at other temperature;
2.When the display shows 100℃, can generate 100℃ boiling water directly ; The control temperature knob is invalid ;
3.When the display is not 100℃, Rotate the temperature knob to adjust the water temperature。
Temperature knobRotate the knob, set the temperature from 25, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 90, 95℃ cycle (LED display showes setting temperature at the same time);After reaching 95℃, turn back to 25℃.
Start-Off1.Touch to start work, finish work when water output reaches the set gear, press to work or stop;
2.In order to prevent dry burning without water inside the heater at the first time, the circuit board will automatically supply water for 6S after power supply, and then start heating;
3.In case of alarm, if there is no power off and restart, after repaired, press this button again, it will automatically supply water for 8S, and then start normal work.

Connection mode


Customer application

application area

  • Household Appliances
  • Industrial fluid heating
  • Fluid pipe insulation
  • HVAC engineering
  • Medical care
  • National defense industry
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